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There was something that struck me when watching the sneak peek and seeing this moment of demon!Dean slowly raising his head. There’s a calmness there, a passiveness, a demeanour that seems incongruous with what else we have seen thus far of Dean’s new demon persona. It reminded me very much of something we saw in Blade Runners, when Magnus used a spell on Dean to try to suppress his will.

It appears from spoilers that after 10X03 Sam and Dean are working together on cases again, but it also appears from spoilers that in this third episode demon!Dean is an incredibly dangerous creature who Sam has every reason to be fearful of. While there’s been a lot of speculation over whether Sam manages to cure Dean of his demonic nature at this time, I’ve speculated before (as have many others) that it’s a possibility Sam may try to apply a more temporary fix. 

I’ve spoken before how Sam and Magnus may have been linked visually in Blade Runners through the Medusa painting seen hanging behind the younger Winchester brother (link here if curious) and how that may have been foreshadowing Sam trying a similar tactic on subduing Dean, or rather, the demonic being that Dean will have become. I wonder then if this is the moment we’re seeing above, that just as submission was forced upon human Dean by Magnus, that this is the moment that Sam manages to, temporarily, subdue the demon version.


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